Comfortable clothing

People often ask me ‘Is there a relationship between the genus of an item of clothing and its comfort?’. This is a good question, and one I often think about whilst getting dressed.

I believe that the answer is simple: the lower the genus the more comfortable the item of clothing.

I suppose that we ought to get some matters straight: this is a practical issue of topology so will look at the large-scale topology of clothing, by which I mean clothing is locally 2D Euclidean space rather than a complicated network of pieces of cloth, thread or molecules. A hole in the clothing refers to a designed hole which is intended to serve some functional or embeautification purpose [I can think of no other legal reason for inserting a hole into an item of clothing(an example illegal scenario is, for example, ‘you wish to shoot someone to death’ and their clothing forms a barrier between you and their internal organs; you might imagine other illegal topology changing processes)]

Two other points of detail: Firstly, although biologists will smirk at this, I will consider people as modelled as closed surfaces of genus 0 onto which the clothes are to be put; Secondly, the problem is not entirely topological in that most people have a head which is wider than their neck and some appendages which have an important geometrical arrangement which must be taken into account when designing comfortable clothing.

Anyway, to prove my case let us consider different clothing categories in turn. I’ll only consider unisex clothes as people of male, female and mixed gender are all likely to have experience of unisex clothing.

After some thought, it seems that the universe of clothes is as follows:

Genus 0: All in one hooded romper suit; Socks; Untied tie; Entry-level hat; Gloves; Untied scarf; 1 Slip on shoe/slipper; No clothes at all

Genus 1: Poncho; Most caps

Genus 2: Open cardigan/zip up top without buttons, basic pants, basic tracksuit trousers, leggings

Genus 3: Closed zip-up top, Basic T-shirt; Vest; Trousers with a zip fly and single button.

Genus 4: Diving suit; all-in-one work overalls,

Large genus (5 or more): Buttoned up shirt; Most  items of clothing which has been  enhanced with buttons or modified for beauty purposes; balaclava or complex hat; many advanced shoes; mittens

Looking at the list we see clearly that there are distinct clothing types: Trousers, Tops, Underwear, All-in-ones, Accessories. If you peruse this list then for any item of clothing-type you will see that you will be more comfortable wearing a similar item of clothing with lower genus: it’s a fact.

To conclude, here are some examples:

Comfy combo: (daytime) Tracksuit (top unzipped), vest, gloves, entry-level hat, socks, slippers, basic pants: Combo genus total 6

Evening/partywear: Poncho, leggings, slip on shoes, no socks, T-shirt: Combo total 6:

Uncomfy combo: (daytime) Shirt, tied-up tie, button up jacket, lace up shoes (10 eyelets each), socks with sock suspenders, waistcoat, mittens (genus: really big)

Uncomfy combo: As for daytime, but without the mittens and put on a  button-up vest and corset on under the shirt and wear a complex hat along with advanced shoes (genus: really, really big).

So, there we have it: when getting dressed choose the lowest genus possible and enjoy a more comfortable day.

p.s. I never was any good at counting, so professional advice should be sought before determining genus of clothing for professional purposes.

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